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Serving Western Washington and Further Afield

Whisky      Business, LLC

Professional Scotch Tasting, Tours, and Consultation
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Helping you enjoy whisky even more.

"My mission is to help you and your guests enjoy Whisky even more than you already do.

Whether it is someone's first time trying Scotch, or a seasoned aficionado,

tasting together, relishing the moment, savoring the nose, mouth, and idea,

opens up new vistas and dimensions in the world's most complex spirit."

Christian Skoorsmith, Certified Scotch Professional, is the consummate enthusiast.

Highly trained and deeply passionate about the traditions, production, and culture of Scotch drink

and Scottish heritage, Christian builds on what people know

adding new layers of appreciation.

In large groups, more intimate settings, and even online, Christian offers tips and tricks,

advice and encouragement, pointers and perspective,

to accentuate the various textures, tastes, and differences among Scotches and whiskies of the World.

He regularly adds Scottish story and song to make a truly memorable occasion.

Christian is also the Chair of the Seattle Single Malt Society,

an invitation-only Scotch Tasting club.

Christian works with individuals, groups, businesses, and charitable organizations. Contact him for more information to to invite him for a booking.





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